Why Do You Need The Fastest Way To Lose Weight?

When you decide to lose weight quickly you do need to be careful as it may be harmful to your body & health if you do it too quickly. You need to be clear on your goal and if you don’t have short term deadline then it would be healthier for you to lose the weight in a more gradual way.

If you do have a short term deadline, like a wedding on a fixed date or an unexpected invite to a formal night in 2 weeks and you can’t fit into your favourite suit or dress then you can do so safely by simply eating sensibly and exercising. Some ideas you could try are:

1. Make it harder for you to indulge – clean out your fridge & cupboard of junk

2. Get a good supply of fruit, veges, nuts, dried fruit etc (healthy snack options)

3. Exercise daily – get a zumba DVD and join the fun, it is an easy, fun and inexpensive way to exercise, lose weight and tone your body, go for a brisk walk each morning.

I will be adding more info soon, so please add your comments below and join the discussion.